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Dearest Michael, his fans, his family, his close ones...



These words do not come close to the feelings I felt on June 25th 2009. To describe you as an entertainment legend is an understatement. You inspired to change the world and make it a better place...not just entertain. The songs you wrote touched my heart and the hearts of billions. You wrote songs with such deep fulfilled meaning...Childhood, The Lost Children, Gone Too Soon, You Are Not Alone...Man In The Mirror...Black or White...Heal The World...

Happy songs like Rock With You, Don't Stop Till You Get Enough and Thriller... There is no one that can replicate your talent or global achievments.

You had such good intentions throughout life...not for yourself...but for the world! This was transparent in your presence, your songs, music videos, speeches and films. Your creativity, spirit and carisma is like no other.

You are the worlds insipiration...not just mine.

Thankyou for bringing the world such happiness and direction. and leaving us such beautiful and special memories.

The world will never forget you...your spirit is eternal...
God Bless You
Michael Jackson King Of Pop King of My World
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