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About Kevin
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Kevin, 32, a devoted Michael Jackson fan, has been impersonating Michael Jackson since the age of 14. Kevin is the same build and height, 5ft10", as the King Of Pop himself. Kevin also has an almost identical complexion and natural facial appearance not to mention the sharp dance moves. It makes all the difference when enjoying the show.

If you really want to feel as though you are watching the closest thing to the King Of Pop himself, and you want someone who actually looks AND more importantly dances like Michael Jackson, then Kevin is the only Michael Jackson Impersonator for you. It makes the whole experience more real. See for yourself from the photos and videos.

Combined with being born with a natural dance talent and undergoing professional dance training, Kevin has managed to form a quality, natural Michael Jackson Impersonation Act.

Kevin is a full member of Equity and has full Public Liability Insurance
Michael Jackson Impersonator Hire Kevin London UK Smooth Criminal outfit
Michael Jackson Tribute Act Lookalike London UK


Father of molestation accuser commits suicide
Equity member

I recommend hiring Kevin as a MJ Michael Jackson impersonator or lookalike in london or essex anytime! He is a great lookalike and does a fantastic impersonation! Hire Kevin highly reccommended! Kevin is one of the best Michael Jackson Impersonators in London, We hired Kevin for our MJ Tribute Show and he was OUTSTANDING, Kevin is the best MJ Lookalike we have seen